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State Archive Magdeburg

We also pursue intensely the research of archives to accomplish comprehensiveness in the genealogy also about the time of church records, partly all the way into the 14th century. The State capital archives of Saxony-Anhalt (the central office Magdeburg and sometimes the subsidiary Wernigerode) are mainly important to the region Magdeburger Börde. In addition, we also use other capital, city and state archives of Germany.

The archival documents of the city, state and capital archives as well as church archives encompass the following areas of interest for the genealogical research (selection):

  • Trade and fief books
  • Corpse homilies
  • Subject registers
  • Medical examination lists
  • Civil records
  • Council Minutes
  • Hut and Triftungssachen (especially interesting for the shepherds Research)
  • Appointments of public offices
  • Occupation of rectorates/rectories, personal files
  • Interest lists

With the help of these archival materials the result of the genealogy is not only a simple date representation of birth, marriage and death but also a medium to describe the ancestors in their curriculum vitae, for example:

  • Completion of acts of sale, testator contracts and lease agreements
  • Testaments/last will, stock lists
  • investiture of fields/acre
  • Bonds
  • Arranged marriages
  • Processes
  • Study at a university

After a diligent and detailed analysis regarding the sources mentioned above, the social history of the family and their relation to the National and world history can be illustrated much better.
A special opportunity to explore farming families even back to the 15th Century, unless isolated even till the 14th Century, are the feudal books (concerning the Magdeburger Börde for example these of the Magdeburg archbishops).

The land of the farmers was feoffed by the feudal (Nobility, church, middle classes) and over the years and family generations it was again feoffed so that the filiation of the family is guaranteed.

We are in an ideal location



... where registers of almost all evangelistic churches of Central Germany are saved on more than 8,500 microfilms including Saxony-Anhalt as well as northern church districts in Saxony and Thuringia.

... headquarters of the Capital-archiv of Saxhony-Anhalt, featuring an enormous historical collection particularly appealing to genealogy students.

... situated in the heart of Saxony-Anhalt allowing quick access to important archives such as Wolfenbuettel, Hannover, Brandenburg at the river Havel, Berlin, Dessau, Leipzig, Erfurt und Eisenach.