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Genealogy / Family tree


From the creation of the first family trees, heraldry has become even more important over time.

A family tree hanging in your living room draws attention, serving to start conversations at parties, stimulate dialogue between generations and motivate other family members to research their own bloodlines. In an office setting, a family tree reflects the traditions of one’s family, which may validate successive generations dedicated to the same craft or trade.

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Each family tree is unique and, accordingly to your wishes, we will discuss ways to present your family history in an artistic and elegant way. That could include implementing crests, photographs and other elements. Regardless of whether your genealogy is presented in the likeness of a tree or simply set on modern decorative paper, there are many ways to depict your family history.

Don’t forget: family trees also make perfect gifts for celebrations and special events.

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... where registers of almost all evangelistic churches of Central Germany are saved on more than 8,500 microfilms including Saxony-Anhalt as well as northern church districts in Saxony and Thuringia.

... headquarters of the Capital-archiv of Saxhony-Anhalt, featuring an enormous historical collection particularly appealing to genealogy students.

... situated in the heart of Saxony-Anhalt allowing quick access to important archives such as Wolfenbuettel, Hannover, Brandenburg at the river Havel, Berlin, Dessau, Leipzig, Erfurt und Eisenach.